poniedziałek, 6 kwietnia 2015

Harley Davidson - the test ride.

If you heard that testing a motorbike was complicated – it’s not.
All you need is your driving license, an ID, a small deposit and maybe a little courage to take the first step.

When you want to realise your dreams, it’s worth to go beyond your fear. And I did it! Last week I had a test ride on a Harley Davidson Road Glide ® Special 2015! The snow, the rain and the wind made my comfort zone quite narrow, but a real biker doesn’t care. Neither did I.

When dreaming of travel, Harley Davidson strikes my mind first – it’s classy, majestic and definitely comfortable. But I always thought it was out of my reach – this big of a bike ain’t for girls, even if the girl isn’t a small one ;)

I was wrong. It was better than any of my previous experiences. Technically speaking the Harley Davidson bike is massive, huge and powerful, but as soon as you sit on it, you can ride it with pride. It will guide you.

And don’t forget the roar. I would follow my Harley Davidson on the road just to hear that sound.

The journey continues. 
I’m in.

Many thanks to Z.M. and Adam Pływaczewski for their help in producing the video.
And to the crew of Liberator (Harley-Davidson dealer in Warsaw) for all the help they provided during my test ride. 

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  1. Odpowiedzi
    1. Too much " bike" jak dla mnie, ale poza tym wymiatasz!!;)))

    2. no jak się mówi o motocyklach, to się mówi o motocyklach ;)

  2. Trzymam kciuki, żeby Cię wybrali. Uważam, że jesteś idealna do tego projektu.